Don’t let burglars steal your Christmas | Defend you’re home properly with Stockport Fencing Ltd.

The present’s are wrapped, the fridge is fully stocked and you’re out enjoying yourself — but don’t forget about burglars, who could be sizing up your property. According to Neighbourhood Watch, the average household spends about £700 on presents, food and decorations at Christmas — so it’s not surprising that there is a 21% rise in burglaries during the winter months. But what can you do to prevent break-ins?

The Ideal solution is to keep your house secure and the ideal option for keeping intruder’s out has to be Stockport Fencing Ltd whether it’s a strong supporting gate or to go the extra mile and use hidden Razor wire.
Here at Stockport Fencing Ltd we aim to keep you and you’re family protected all year round not just for Christmas just call our friendly and helpful team on 0161 477 0010.

via Don’t let burglars steal your Christmas | The Sunday Times.