Quality Litecrete Fencing Posts In Cheadle


Stockport Fencing Ltd have produced Quality Litecrete Fencing Posts In Cheadle for many years. A great alternative to the traditional dense concrete posts that they produce, this is a perfect product for those with the DIY ‘bug’, who would like to install their worn posts for projects but want an easy to carry/install product.

This is a superb product for those Cheadle residents who are embarking on their own landscaping project. Litecrete fencing posts have a lightweight concrete formulation that are ideal for handling and transportation. In fact, this product is not solely sought after by the DIY fraternity, with many health and safety conscious companies wanting to reduce the manual handling strain on their workforce by switching to Litecrete.

At competitive pricing, quality Litecrete fencing posts in Cheadle is twice the strength of similar concrete fence posts, while retaining a superior surface finish which mirrors that of its ‘denser’ counterpart.

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