Enquiry For Litecrete Fencing in Hyde


An Enquiry For Litecrete Fencing In Hyde will invariably lead you to Stockport Fencing Ltd; the specialists in all Litecrete products for the DIY and commercial market. Having been developed over a number of years by Stockport Fencing, it’s popularity has soared considerably. Not least because of it’s ‘lightness’-compared to traditional dense concrete products and thus its ease of manual handling.

Hyde to Holmes Chapel, customers have been drawn to Stockport Fencing for Litecrete Fencing, due to their reputation they have amassed over 40 years of business. Located in Stockport, this family run company ensure their popularity is maintained through first-class service and competitive pricing.

Litecrete fencing in Hyde weighs up to 50% less than its dense counterpart, which has proven extremely popular with the DIY enthusiasts who find its is not only easier to carry, but also looks aesthetically pleasing and durable! Identical in all aspects-apart from weight-to the wet cast concrete products, Litecrete is also recognised by ‘health and safety conscious’ companies as a way to maintain the well being of their employees and saving vital costs in manual handling.

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