Quality Litecrete Fence Posts in Hazel Grove

Quality Litecrete Fence Posts in Hazel GroveQuality Litecrete fence posts in Hazel Grove will ensure no more sagging fences and garden gates. Litecrete is a product made by Stockport Fencing. What distinguishes this product is its weight. While having the same durability as concrete, it weighs about 50% less. It is our patented product and manufactured right here at our location. This is an ideal product for do-it-yourself fence installers because it is lighter and much easier to handle. Combined with Litecrete base panels and our beautiful fence panels, your fence will last and keep a straight profile. No wood in the ground means no rotted wood is weakening the fence.

In Hazel Grove, quality Litecrete fence posts will save your back, particularly if you are a do it yourself landscaper. Do not stop with a fence, however. For edging or bordering gardens or foundation, landscaping Stockport Fencing has log rolls made from our Litecrete product. Wood edgings are not premium wood products so once exposed to the ground they will not only rot, but also rot quickly. They make an ideal home for plant-eating insects. We use moulds cast from real logs to make our log rolls. The Litecrete product is poured into the mould, and the result is a Litecrete log roll that looks like a real log, knotholes and all. We do the same with the Westmorland Rocky boulders pond builders use when preparing the landscaping for water features. The only way to tell the difference is if you lift one.

Litecrete fence posts in Hazel Grove are popular. Commercial landscapers appreciate that this product meets European weight lifting guidelines of 25kg per person. It is possible to load more product per truckload because Litecrete is lighter in weight, a benefit that could save time and money. Another advantage of Litecrete fence posts and base panels is durability. You can expect them to last 20 years. Stockport Fencing is well known and respected as suppliers of fencing products to domestic and commercial customers at a fair price. We keep a vast stock, so delivery is quick. Keep in mind that we also offer fence installation. Contact Stockport Fencing for quality Litecrete fence posts.