Wooden Fence Panels in Cheshire

wooden fence panels in CheshireWhen it comes to wooden fence panels in Cheshire, there are many types that range from the simple to the modern and from the rustic style to the very intricate. You may install thick or thin wooden panels or ones with pointed apexes to resemble a cottage. Wooden fencing is typically classified according to its length, either 4, 6 or 8 foot. Many homeowners opt to maintain the natural look by leaving the wooden fence panel untreated. Painting it white is quite popular, but black and brown painted fences give a contemporary feel. When it comes to the type of wood used in making wooden fence panels, the most popular types are Redwood, Cedar or pressure treated. All three wood types are very durable and provide maximum protection against pests, weather and animals. Cedar is available in red or white and is considered the best in terms of durability because it has natural oils which protect it from infestations and wood rot. Redwood requires minimal maintenance and does not require treatment. Pressure treated panels are the most affordable and consequently the most popular. These wooden panels are chemically treated to improve durability and longevity since the wood does not have any natural protection. Where can you purchase wooden fence panels?

In Cheshire, wooden fence panels are available from Stockport Fencing. Since 1971, they have been the most trusted name in garden fence panelling. Unlike other fencing companies, Stockport Fencing manufactures and pressure treats their own fence panels. This ensures that high quality standards are always maintained and that the customer always gets a superior quality product.

If you’re looking for wooden fence panels in Cheshire, Stockport Fencing has a large selection to choose from. Some of the types of wooden fence panels they carry are for garden, designer fencing, picket fencing and even concrete posts, litecrete posts and timber products. If you are looking for wooden fence panels, contact Stockport Fencing.