Concrete Fence Posts in Didsbury

Concrete Fence Posts in DidsburyConcrete fence posts in Didsbury are very useful when putting in a new fence. The concrete post is available with pre-drilled holes for a number of different types of fencing. The posts are exceptionally strong and are made with reinforcing rods inside the concrete for extra strength. Some companies do not use reinforcing rods in their concrete posts which leaves them liable to crack and break over time. This necessitates taking down the fence and digging up the entire line of posts and replacing the broken ones. With reinforced posts this will not happen. Posts can be used for concrete panel fencing which makes for a very attractive wall. There are also posts for chain link or weld mesh rolls of fencing. These have pre-drilled holes to enable the wiring to be threaded through the posts.

When installing fencing in Didsbury, concrete fence posts for post and rail fencing will last far longer than the normal wooden post. They are also pre-drilled for ease of installation. Some of the posts are made of wet mix with reinforcing and others are made with a semi-dry product also with reinforcing. The posts are vibrated before drying to rid them of air bubbles which will weaken the post. These procedures ensure that the poles are all manufactured to the highest standards. Concrete posts are also used for timber panel fences. There is normally a concrete panel inserted on the bottom to protect the timber from water which will damage the timber.

Concrete fence posts in Didsbury are reasonably priced. Should you choose to buy cheap products you will find that they have been made with inferior cement mix and most probably have no reinforcing rods in the concrete. To get a truly good price and very helpful advice on concrete fence posts, contact Stockport Fencing. When you have decided on the type of fencing, the experienced staff can help you with the number of posts you will need for your project.