Driveway Gates in Bramhall

Driveway Gates in BramhallDriveway gates in Bramhall put the finishing touch to your newly fenced property. When you have a side driveway to your garage in back of your home, you can fence the back garden up to the drive and stop. However, if your purpose for installing a fence is security and safety you need a connected barrier across the drive. With that, nothing and no one can slip between the house and fence post into your fenced area. Others prefer the entire perimeter to be fenced, so your double driveway gates would be at the entrance to your driveway. Stockport Fencing has a variety of gate bolts that require varying degrees of difficulty to open.

In Bramhall, driveway gates from Stockport Fencing coordinate with their fencing and create an attractive entrance to your property. However, as with the fencing it completes the barrier that will keep children and pets safe inside their own garden and prevent other animals from crossing the play area. The gates are a deterrent to casual intruders such as salespeople or trespassers. If you want to keep the dog from running away and deter others from trespassing a simple slide bolt will do. If your gated fence is to prevent children from the street, use a more complex lock. There are remote electric gate openers available if you want even more security.

Stockport Fencing manufactures driveway gates in Bramhall to customer specifications. They use only fine soft and hardwoods such as oak, cedar and redwood. Stockport Fencing has a large selection to choose from. All designs can be modified to suite the customers’ requirements. You can also tell the builders what you want and they will design and build it for you. Tongue and groove joining methods are used by skilled craftsmen that are highly experienced.  Choose yard gates to create an unbroken look in the fencing or the more decorative Suffolk gates. Both styles are solid, with no see through. Cottage gates have an open spindled top quarter with the rest of the gate solid. Cottage gates are much more decorative. All will provide that extra bit of security and safety for your family. Contact Stockport Fencing for more information about driveway gates.