Need Garden Fencing in Handforth?

Garden fencing in HandforthGarden fencing in Handforth serves many purposes. It can act as a marker between two properties, divide one garden area from another or provide a screen to discreetly hide wheelie bins and compost piles. Regardless of the reason, garden fence panels do not have to be plain walls of wood. Homeowners have many design options to choose from. Considering how costly some fencing can be, it is best to add a layer of protection to your garden fencing so that you can extend its life span. Most garden fence panels are pre-treated with a preserver or pressure treated. This helps protect the fence from biological threats such as algae, mould, dry rot and insects. This is why purchasing your fencing from a fencing specialist is your best bet.

For homeowners in Handforth, garden fencing panels can be purchased from Stockport Fencing. Our company has been manufacturing fencing panels for more than three decades. During this time, we’ve acquired a reputation for delivering some of the best products in the industry. Customers looking for sturdy fence panels that will withstand wicked weather and biological attacks can count our garden fencing for years to come. Our garden fencing panels are manufactured from top quality timber. Each panel is pressure treated with a wood preservative so that the life span of panel is extended. Many of our customers return to us after 20 years to replace their fencing that was originally purchased from us. To demonstrate how serious we are about our quality, we will gladly offer you a complete refund or replacement within seven days of purchase should you not be satisfied with our product. Once you’ve accepted the delivery and are completely satisfied with our quality, we will extend a further two years of guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

Garden fencing in Handforth can enhance the beauty of your garden. Contact Stockport Fencing today to discuss your requirements for garden fencing. We offer many types of garden fence panels such as interwoven, trellis, overlap, close board, premier lap and waney lap. Change the look of your property with top quality garden fencing from Stockport Fencing.