Concrete Fence Posts in Handforth

Concrete Fence Posts in HandforthConcrete fence posts in Handforth can be purchased from Stockport Fencing. We stock for both domestic and commercial fencing. Our concrete posts are holed for timber rails, chain link, wire and gates. The domestic fence posts we manufacture are wet cast for a glass finish. They can easily support the installation of domestic fences up to 7’ in height. Our commercial grade posts can be used for higher fences but the finish is a little rougher. Concrete is still the best material to use for fence posts that will last for decades but only if it’s done right. At Stockport Fencing, we do it right. The products we use to manufacture our concrete fence posts and the process we use results in fence posts that will stand longer than many of us.

We do not use substandard anything in the manufacture of our concrete posts. In Handforth concrete fence posts supplied by us are made from frequently replaced moulds for a consistently uniform shape. Our mix is never cut so strength is not compromised. The vibration process is extended to eliminate any possibility of air pockets that may present as weak spots. We at Stockport Fencing are not content with the strength of the cement fence posts until we have reinforced them with steel bars. Whatever you are keeping fenced in must be worth a strong fence. That starts with our concrete posts ready for our timber rails that make a nice looking boundry fence. The strongest chain link fence will be made even stronger anchored with our pre holed concrete fence posts.

Concrete fence posts in Handforth manufactured by Stockport Fencing will not rot, mould, crumble or become infested with insects. It’s common to find timber fence posts set into a below ground concrete mixture. Still, the wood can rot and break off at the point it joins the concrete sheath. That look may be more aesthetically appealing for a domestic garden and does not require the strength offered by concrete fence posts. Contact Stockport Fencing to find out more about our concrete fence posts. We think with our wet cast glass finished concrete posts are aesthetically appealing as well. If strength and durability are your priority, then consider that concrete structures from ancient times are still standing today.