Security Fencing in Northenden

Security Fencing in NorthendenSecurity fencing in Northenden is a good way to ensure that your property is safe from unauthorised access. Our security fencing is affordable and will be designed for your unique requirements. We have a number of different types of fencing for low, medium and high-security applications.  For a low-security application, you may want to use a chain link fence with certain additions.  These come in various heights and can have barbed wire or electric wire fittings added.  Medium security fencing is often used for schools or playgrounds where you need to keep children safe.  These could be one of our paladin fences which are vertical and horizontal welded steel bars.  It comes in different heights and can also have barbed wire fitted on top as an extra security measure.

If you need to protect your property in Northenden, security fencing will provide a safe and secure perimeter. Our high-security fence is our popular steel palisade fence which is often fitted with barbed or razor barbed wire.  This is normally used in a commercial environment and is strong and durable.  It is one of the most widely used industrial and commercial fences as it provides an ideal perimeter security option.  We offer a number of different styles and colours and it is assembled using tamper proof nuts to secure the plates between the posts and palisade rails. The high-security poles have triple pointed and splayed tops.

Good quality security fencing in Northenden is important for both commercial and domestic properties.  Contact Stockport Fencing today and find out about the wide range of security fencing we have.  We manufacture a number of our products in our factory including our wooden fencing panels. We have over 45 years of experience in the fencing business and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge.  This is always available for our customers and we will help you to design the most suitable fence for your needs and your property. People living in different areas need different fencing and we cater for all requirements.