Garden Fencing in Stockport

Garden Fencing in StockportChoose quality garden fencing in Stockport to add style and protection to your garden. At Stockport Fencing we have an impressive selection of quality garden fencing solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Since 1971 we have been offering fencing at competitive prices, with excellent customer service and support. Choose from timber fencing, concrete fencing or our patented Litecrete fencing options. From trellises and palisades to pickets and palings, we have it all. If you are looking for something unique, our designer fencing panels and matching gates provide that wow factor for your garden.

Are you planning lots of garden work this summer? In Stockport, garden fencing is a must-have if you want a designer-looking garden. Whether you have a quaint country cottage or a modern townhouse, our fencing will fit right in. Use our fencing products for complete perimeter protection to secure your property; our security fencing is strong and durable. You can also use our products for sub-sections in your garden, for example separating the veggie patch from the flower beds, or fencing off the pool or barbeque area. This is useful for homes with pets and young children as it offers safety features and looks great too.

If you need help setting up your new garden fencing in Stockport, we provide an additional fitting and installation service. Our fencing products are manufactured locally in our warehouse, using only top quality materials and equipment. Along with our garden fencing we manufacture and supply garden gates in matching materials and styles, as well as a selection of garden features such as dividers and border edgings for gardens, driveways or plant patches. Contact Stockport Fencing today for garden fencing that does it all. With our affordable prices you can now have the garden fencing of your dreams without breaking the bank. Our quality garden fencing products are treated for protection against damage and the elements, keeping them as good as new for many years to come. Speak to our experienced and professional team today for friendly, helpful service with all your garden fencing needs.