Mesh Fencing in Dunham

Mesh Fencing in DunhamIf you are on a budget for fencing then mesh fencing in Dunham may be right for you. Our PVC coated chain link rolls are perfect as a discrete barrier around your property. You can plant shrubs inside the fence and they will eventually screen the fence from view. The fencing is not as apparent as fence panels and if green PVC coating is used it can be quite inconspicuous. The fence is very strong as it is manufactured by weaving wires into links. The fence is erected by fitting steel posts or concrete posts along the line of the fence at regular intervals. These can be driven into the ground or preferably concreted in. Strong wires are fitted at the height of the fence and at the bottom near the ground. A wire is strung in the middle for support as the fence is fixed to these wires. They are tensioned and the fence is tied onto the support wires.

If you need stronger fencing you may consider another of our products. In Dunham, mesh fencing can be steel weld mesh where the wires are welded at all the contact points. This makes for a very rigid and strong fence. It is often used for security fencing around industrial properties. It allows for visibility of the yard through the fence and gives an intruder no-where to hide. It is also manufactured in various heights and has a number of finishes. There is powder coating or galvanization or it can be painted or sprayed. Both types of mesh fencing are very versatile.

Mesh fencing in Dunham can be applied to chain link fencing or weld mesh fencing. Contact Stockport Fencing today and order your new fence. Our staff will help you work out the height of fence required and the length needed. We will also discuss the fence posts with you and find out if you prefer steel or concrete posts as both are eminently suitable for chain link or steel weld fences.