Picket Fencing in Tameside

Picket Fencing in TamesidePicket fencing in Tameside is a wonderful way to finish a garden or play area. Who doesn’t love a picket fence? It doesn’t have to be white unless that is what you want. Our picket fence panels from Stockport Fencing can be painted any colour you want as long as the neighbours don’t object. Picket fencing is the perfect border marker because it will keep the kids and dogs inside, other kids and dogs out and define the perimeter of the area. Yet, it doesn’t block your view like a solid panel fence would unless you want it to. Then, we will build it with the pickets close to protect your privacy. Our Royal Contoured top picket panels are spaced wide but  the Scalloped Top Consort Picket Panel affords complete privacy. In between those two are several other styles with varying degrees of openness.

Picket fencing sometimes has a delicate look and if it is poorly constructed and installed, it will lean. For those in Tameside, picket fencing that can withstand the test of time is found at our Stockport Fencing site. We offer value for money because our fencing is manufactured from strong timber products manufactured by our own skilled craftsmen right on our site. All the materials that go into the construction are sturdy to hold the fencing panels in a nice straight line. We do not assemble our products using the flimsy wood that splits when an even flimsier nail is driven into it as you will see in cheap fencing. Value for money means getting something of value. The cheap fencing costs less than ours but you are not getting much for your money because it won’t last.

Picket fencing in Tameside from Stockport Fencing is not throw-away fencing. In ten years you might notice weathering or a loose fitting. It’s an easy fix but it’s worth fixing. Contact Stockport Fencing for picket fencing. We have experienced fence installers whose skill combined with our fencing product results in a fence that will stand up to the elements, the kids, and the neighbour’s kids. We can use concrete posts shrouded in weather treated wood so your fence panels have an immovable support structure. Our work and products are guaranteed and you get that for which you have paid.