Chestnut Paling Fencing in Cheshire

Chestnut Paling Fencing in CheshireWe supply chestnut paling fencing in Cheshire for use in your garden. This beautiful rustic fencing can enhance parts of your garden and can be used as protection of trees and shrubs against deer and other wildlife that may nibble on them. It can also be used to keep dogs in or out of certain areas in your garden. It is natural looking and fairly unobtrusive which looks good in rural surroundings. It can also be used in areas where trees and shrubbery can make it difficult to get a straight line for a garden fence.

When you need a reasonably priced fence in Cheshire, chestnut paling fencing is very affordable and provides a charming finish to parts of your garden. The fence is fixed via a means of two or three wires, depending on the height of the paling fence. It is usually fixed to intermediate fence posts that are driven into the ground. The chestnut paling fence needs to be pulled tight during erection and need to have straining posts at ends and corners to ensure the fence is tight and standing straight. Having a wire strainer to tension the wires is the best way of ensuring the fence is correctly tensioned.

Traditional chestnut paling fencing in Cheshire is available from our well stocked store. Contact Stockport Fencing today for more information about chestnut paling fencing and see how reasonably priced this modular fencing is. We have been providing the finest quality fencing since 1971 and manufacture and stock one of the largest ranges of fencing materials in our area. Both domestic and industrial clients make use of our services as we supply a large range of fencing suitable for many applications. We manufacture our own range of wooden fence panels and concrete fence posts as well as concrete base panels or as they are also known, gravel boards. If you are interested, we also provide a delivery service to our customers in many areas. Speak to our helpful and experienced staff who will help you with your purchase and advise you on delivery.