Picket Fencing in Wilmslow

Picket Fencing in WilmslowWho hasn’t dreamed of picket fencing in Wilmslow for the property? They add charm to any property without blocking the view from either side. Yet they provide security for pets and children as long as they are secured by a strong gate and lock. For more security without creating a barrier, you can go higher with your picket fence so dogs and children can’t climb over and intruders are not likely to climb in. You may like the looks of sharply pointed pickets but unless you go high with the fence don’t use them. They are a safety hazard to large dogs who try to jump them, kids who stack things to crawl over them and cats who may not be as sure-footed as you would expect.

Stockport Fencing Ltd has a nice selection of picket fencing we manufacture ourselves from sturdy timber that is pressure treated to prevent rot, fungus and mould. In Wilmslow, picket fencing’s wood is first seasoned. Then you may leave it natural for carefree maintenance. If you prefer the proverbial white picket fence or any other colour, ours will look great painted or stained. Choose Regal, Cottage or Contoured picket panels. The Regal pickets come to a slight point but the Cottage and Contoured are rounded. Regal and Cottage pickets are both straight even panels while the Contoured panels are curved across the top. All look great with matching gates and your choice of hardware.

Using our picket fencing in Wilmslow to build your fence means you have strong materials to work with. You will have a strong fence that will stand for decades if the installation is done well. If you cut corners or use cheap hardware and fasteners your fence will still sag and fall down. The durability of your fence depends on quality materials and skilled installers. Contact Stockport Fencing with your dimensions and we will quote you a price on fencing and installation materials. If you don’t have an installer you trust, we also do installations. We are professional installers so we guarantee our work. Get the picket fence you always wanted from us at Stockport Fencing.