Picket Fencing in Knutsford

Picket Fencing in KnutsfordPicket fencing in Knutsford is a great alternative to using other fencing options such as brick walls or hedges. It is also practical in that it can keep pets and children within the confines of the compound but still have your environment decorated in a simple yet eye-catching manner. Using picket fences in your yards also provides a view. Traditionally made of wood, picket fencing was made popular in the United States, with its association to the ideal suburban life, although before it was used in the home setting, it was popular on cricket fields. Simple materials are used to create it, and you can easily find these materials at Stockport Fencing Ltd.

The process of installation is simple. In Knutsford, picket fencing is achieved by inserting posts into the ground. This is possible after digging holes deep enough in the ground. This can be achieved either manually or by using a power auger. The posts are then placed upright and held in place by pouring concrete into the holes. Horizontal rails are fixed against the posts by fasteners, then the pickets attached to the horizontal rails. Although the most common method, some systems do not necessarily require digging into the ground first in order to hoist the posts. If both methods seem daunting and rather time-consuming to you, you need not worry as our professionals also offer installation services. Our fitting teams have years of experience under their belts, and will fix your picket fence to high standards. Additionally, purchasing your required materials from us ensures that you have a fence that will last for a long time.

Consider picket fencing in Knutsford to add to the visual appeal of your property. For more information about the picket fencing we can offer, contact Stockport Fencing Ltd today. We are North West’s premier fencing manufacture and supply a wide variety of garden fencing. Our wooden fence panels are all manufactured to the highest of standards for fences and gates that not look good, but will also last. We also provide concrete posts, chain link fencing and steel palisade, among other fencing and gate materials.