Wooden Fencing Panels in Hale Barns

Wooden Fencing Panels in Hale BarnsWooden fencing panels in Hale Barns are a great way to put up a fence around your property while maintaining the aesthetics of the property. We supply high quality wooden fencing panels that are ideal for constructing a boundary in or around your property. Since 1971 we have manufactured and supplied one of the largest ranges of fencing materials in the North West for both our domestic and commercial customers. Wooden fencing panels can be used to erect a sturdy, durable and good looking fence around your property. If you have a garden and would like to keep your children and pets safe while playing outside, a wooden fence is an excellent option.

For property owners in Hale Barns, wooden fencing panels are available in a range of different sizes, types and designs at our factory. Using only the finest timber for our wooden fencing products, they are made to last. Where possible, our fencing panels are pressure treated with a preservative that meets BS EN 351-1 requirements. This ensures their longevity and durability. Most of our standard fencing panels are made in arched top (bow top), scalloped top and contoured top variations. We also manufacture a number of variations in design and styles, and this provides one of the biggest ranges of fencing panels available in the UK. All our wooden fencing panels are supplied as standard at 1830mm (6’) wide. However, should you need fencing panels with a smaller width, this is easily accommodated.

Wooden fencing panels in Hale Barns can add to the value of your property. What nicer than a smart looking sturdy boundary fence. If you are concerned about the installation of your new fence, you will pleased to know that we offer a professional installation service. Our specialist, expert installers have many years of experience in the fencing industry. For more information about our available range of wooden fencing panels, contact Stockport Fencing. We take great pride in our work, and as manufacture a large number of the products at our factory and do not subcontract work out to 3rd parties, we have complete control over the quality of both the products used in installation, as well as the installation itself.