Chainlink Fencing in Bowdon

Chainlink Fencing in BowdonChainlink fencing in Bowdon is one of the most versatile types of fence. At Stockport Fencing, we’ve been selling fencing products since 1971. Chainlink always was and remains a top choice of our customers. It’s appropriate for domestic and commercial use. Chainlink is a good looking fence but it’s also an “almost not there” fence. By that we mean it’s barely noticeable due to the open weave and the steel colour. It blends into the environment. There are coloured slats that can be woven through the openings for more privacy or you may choose to use a colour to powder coat or vinyl coat the steel links. The fence is more noticeable but also attractive. That’s part of the versatility. Our chainlink fencing rolls are 2.50mm galvanised steel core with a maintenance free PVC coating. .

Your chainlink fence may be the most durable fence when properly installed. For both domestic and commercial customers in Bowdon, chainlink, fencing can take the hits. The dog may body slam it but he’ll never break through. You can throw baseballs at it all day. Little feet may try to climb it but it can take the abuse. Even the weather won’t destroy our steel chain link fencing. For a strong, long lasting and low maintenance fence at an affordable price chainlink is a good choice. It’s cheaper than most other fencing products that may not offer the same strong security and durability. It’s also cheaper to install because it’s easier to install. We have all the extras you need for installation like wire line, stretchers, posts and gates.

When you buy chainlink fencing in Bowdon from us, you can count on quality. We have a team of experienced installers at your service. Contractors, register your status with us and receive a 15% discount on everything, even already discounted items. When you buy from us you’re providing your customers with a product they will be satisfied with for many years to come. Contact Stockport Fencing for all your fencing projects including timber, concrete and of course the versatile chain link. If you need extra security choose chain link with a barbed wire top layer. Everything you need we can supply.