Picket Fencing in Hyde

Picket Fencing in HydePicket fencing in Hyde is used for both decorative purposes and providing boundaries between properties. Their evenly spaced boards placed vertically on the ground and having them attached by horizontal rails characterize picket fences. Although they can be made using various materials, wood continues to be the more popular option, thanks to the harmony it provides with the environment and their classic look. The wood can be treated or untreated, with other distinguishing factors being insect and rot resistant. This ensures they remain durable and pleasing to the eyes for many years, in order to reduce the need for constant replacement. Picket fencing also incorporates a space for the gate, enabling you to keep to the natural theme of the compound. These fences are perfect for households with small children and pets.

At Stockport Fencing, we take our fencing duties seriously. In Hyde, picket fencing installation is no feat for our expert installers. With many years of experience in the industry, our team is able to handle both domestic and commercial fence installations to suit your needs. Our highly skilled fitters will provide workmanship that is second to none for complete customer satisfaction. Manufacturing a majority of our own products in our factory enables us to keep the quality of our products and services from start to finish, as this eliminates the need of hiring 3rd parties in order to subcontract work. Keeping high standards has enabled us to keep out reputation, as many customers come back for a repeat service and recommend us to their friends and family.

If you’d like to transform your property by trying out picket fencing in Hyde, Stockport Fencing is only a call away. Contact us today and we’ll help you bring your picket fencing ideas to life. Feel free to ask about our other services, and we’ll help you the best way we know how. Our fitting services are not limited to picket fencing alone, as we can handle various tasks such as replacing existing timber panels, weldmesh fencing, sport fencing and netting for professional looking fields, among others.